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Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of innovative wound care and well-recognized compression therapy solutions for lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and edema. With over 160 year history of producing high quality medical product solutions, L&R continues to find new product solutions to support medical professionals and patients across the world.

L&R CAN INC. is a part of the global L&R parent company – manufacturing and supplying these quality custom and standard products throughout Canada. With quality brands like Venosan, TributeNight, ReadyWrap, Tribute Wrap, Rosidal K and Debrisoft – you know you are in good hands!

Marketing Materials

TributeNight™  : Custom designed therapeutic nightwear

Tribute® Wrap  : Adjustable foam compression wrap

ReadyWrap® : Adjustable Compression Wraps

Exo™ : Standard and Custom Compression Garments

Caresia™ : Off-the-Shelf Bandage Liners

SwellSpots® : Edema and fibrosis pads

Holistic Compression Therapy with L&R

The breadth and width of our compression therapy product line offers many specialized options for specific treatment objectives. Recognized as a leader in this product both nationally and internationally, our compression therapy products provide the results professionals look for when treating their patients. Rosidal, Cellona, and Komprex are just a few of the numerous, successful, established brands in this product area.

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