The Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) is an academic and patient stakeholder collaboration, which is part of an international initiative to promote research, best practices and lymphedema clinical development worldwide.

CLF was officially launched on February 6, 2009. It is modeled on and aligned with the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF), which began in 2002 as collaboration between health professionals, community-based organizations, patients and industry partners to improve the standards of lymphedema management in the United Kingdom. The CLF collaborates with the ILF, national frameworks in other parts of the world, and provincial associations across Canada to advocate for lymphedema research and educate Canadian patients and health care professionals.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to improve the management of lymphedema and related disorders in Canada. In collaboration with the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) and other national frameworks, we will contribute to the global advancement of lymphedema care.

Our vision is that comprehensive treatment for lymphedema and related disorders will be accessible to all persons across Canada.

Our Philosophy

  • Effective treatment is based on best practice guidelines
  • Lymphedema treatment costs must be accessible and reimbursed
  • Patient views are integral to all development of care
  • Contributing to the rapidly growing evidence base is paramount
  • International collaboration will increase global awareness of the importance of lymphedema in health care
  • Investment in lymphedema will lead to new product development

Our Goals

  • Raise the profile of lymphedema and related disorders nationally and internationally
  • Define and promote best practices in risk reduction, early diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema
  • Promote bilingual educational resources based on best practices
  • Take a leadership role in defining and promoting education for health care professionals, patients and the general public
  • Identify research priorities for Canada and facilitate collaboration among researchers
  • Place lymphedema and its management as a priority on national health care agendas and support regional and provincial initiatives

Links with the Lymphedema Community

The CLF has an informal agreement with the ILF to share their core fundamentals which are:

  • Place patients at the heart of our projects,
  • Maintain collaborative and multi-disciplinary partnerships between ALL lymphedema stakeholders in Canada,
  • Contribute to ongoing lymphedema research,
  • Work towards implementation of best practice and support international collaboration.
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