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The following articles have been provided complimentary to all our website visitors.

Taking heart when your heart sinks
By Jane Turner
Communication challenges for health professionals (Winter 2017)

Transepidermal water loss
By Terence Ryan
The barrier function and its role in lymphatic overload (Winter 2017)

By Jean-Paul Belgrado
A valuable tool to monitor decongestive treatment and enhance care

Studying Inflammation-induced Lymphatic Dysfunction to Better Understand Lymphedema

By Dr. Pierre-Yves von der Weid
How inflammation contributes to depravation of lymphatic pumping (Winter 2016)

Improving Best Practices for Diagnosing Lymphedema
By Dr. Elizabeth Quinlan et. al.
Assessing limb segments can change the rate of diagnosis for lymphedema (Fall 2015)

Writing Case Reports and Presentations: a skill that requires practice
By Dr. Anna Towers
Practical guidelines for preparing case reports and presentations that are vital in day-to-day work for health professionals (Winter 2013)

The Science of Compression
By Dr. David Keast
The movement of Fluid between the tissue space, the capillaries and the lymphatics is more complex than previously thought (Summer 2012)

Compression Therapy: a position document on compression bandaging
By Christine Moffatt & Deborah Glover
The International Lymphoedema Framework releases their updated position document on compression therapy (Summer 2012)

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