Summer 2024 References

Current state of surgical management of lymphedema in Canada
By Siba Haykal, Nina Hadzimustafic and Valentina Shamoun

Voices heard: Key findings from the 2024 Pathways Readers’ Survey
By Grace Neumayer

Assessing research. Literature review, systematic review, meta-analysis: What’s the difference?
Maree O’Connor

Spring 2024 References

National Lymphedema Conference 
Q&A transcribed from the closing plenary

Patients count
Identifying lymphedema patients in Canada
By Spencer Gibson

Where are they now?
Trying to lead as normal a life as possible
By James Lanning

The struggles of integrating lymphedema care into the healthcare system:
An issue of distributive justice

Yin Yoga for lymphedema
Customized to support the lymphatic system
By Tracy Gardikiotis and Maja Kralovcova

Did you know?

Winter 2023-24 References

Bone and soft tissue sarcoma
An often overlooked set of lymphedema patients

By Marize Ibrahim

Moving forward together
The 2023 National Lymphedema Conference is another success

By Anna Kennedy and Shirin Shallwani

Approaching a challenging conversation as a part of lymphedema management
By Sally Keir

Forward momentum
Future steps in lymphedema management

By Anna Kennedy

Skin care and lymphedema
By Terence J. Ryan

Where are they now?
A family’s courageous twelve years of both struggle and hope

By Joanne Small-Hopkins



Fall 2023 References

Climate change and climatic variation impact on chronic edema and lymphedema
By Susan Witt and Neil PIller

How do we diagnose lipedema? 
Recommendation of the Diagnosis Working Group of the 
International Lipoedema Association
By Anna Towers

Report of ILF 2023 Lymphedema Conference
By David Keast and Margie McNeely

Summer 2023 References

Melanoma and Lymphedema
A roundtable discussion

By Marize Ibrahim, Angela Yung, Marie-Eve Letellier and Anna Towers (in discussion with Anna Kennedy)

The new “Science” of Implementation Science
Incorporating evidence-based research into everyday practice

By Liz Dylke

Spring 2023 References

Breast edema/lymphedema during and after breast cancer treatment
Identification and treatment
By Lesli Bell

By Dr. Anna Towers

By Dr. Leslyn Keith, in collaboration with Dr. Eric Westman

By Cate Ward, PhD, in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Gardner

Our favourite top ten
By Lori Radke

Winter 2022-23 References

Integrative lymphedema treatment.
Combining Ayurveda, yoga and compression therapy. (page 5)
By S R Narahari

Treatment of head and neck lymphedema.
Improving patient quality of life. (page 10)
By Marize Ibrahim

Lymphedema: It’s all about the skin.
An interview with Professor Terence Ryan (page 14)
In discussion with Dr. Anna Towers and Anna Kennedy
Click below to view and download:
Head & Neck Cancer Exercise Guidelines. ©MUHC Lymphedema Clinic
TMJ Exercise Guideline. ©MUHC Lymphedema Clinic



Fall 2022 References

Psychological aspects of living with a chronic disease like lymphedema.
Theoretical background and practical examples (page 5)
By Gabriele Erbacher
Development of Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for the care and treatment of breast-cancer related lymphedema. (page 12)
By Margie McNeely and Naomi Dolgoy

Compression in the management of lymphedema:
Are we under (delivering) pressure? (page 15)
By Orsi Kokai
An important new scientific review of lymphatic microsurgery from Quebec (page 18)
By Marie-Eve Letellier


Summer 2022 References

  • Assessment of head and neck lymphedema By Marize Ibrahim

  • Rethinking the safety net – The case of public support for expanded lymphedema care By Yasser Almadani, Hedi Zhao, Anna Towers and Joshua Vorstenbosch

  • Inequities in garment funding across – Canada Where are we in 2022? By Mona Al Onazi, Erica Park, Michelle Phung

  • There is a mobile app for everything– including lymphedema By Anna Kennedy


  • Lipedema management by Tobias Bertsch MD


Spring 2022 References

  • The Living with Leg Lymphedema Study.
    By Catherine Bowman

  • Comparing the effects of various scar tissue treatments on lymphedema volume. Two Cases. By Rebecca Wilkinson

  • Prospective surveillance, early identification, and intervention.
    Alphonse Taghian and Cheryl Brunelle

  • Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index or Toe Brachial Index.
    Maryse Beaumier

Conference Related Resources:

Poster Hall – Abstracts
Full 2021 Conference Program (Sessions, Bios, Agenda)




Winter 2021 References

  • Lets talk genital lymphedema By Shelley DiCecco
  • First endowed Research Chair in lymphatic disorders in Canada arrives at the University of Albert By Spencer Gibson
  • Kinect-enhanced lymphatic exercises By Mei Fu


Fall 2021 References

  • Overview of Lymphatic Surgeries By Marie-Eve Letellier
  • Obesity is a Significant Risk Factor for Lymphatic Pain and Arm Swelling
    By Mei Fu


Summer 2021 References

  • Watching the flow The role of lymphangiography By Elliott Weiss and Moira Stilwell


Spring 2021 References

  • Compression counters cellulitis
    How compression therapy substantially reduces the recurrence of cellulitis
    By Elizabeth Webb
  • Surgical rehabilitation guidelines
    Integrating rehabilitation therapy into surgical programs
    By Lori Radke
  • Letters to the Editor
    Response to “Therapy for Lipedema Incorporating New Clinical Guidelines”
    By Karen L. Herbst, et al
  • Letters to the Editor
    In Response to Herbst’s Letter to the Editors of Pathways
    By Tobias Bertsch, Gabriele Erbacher, Guenter Klose

Pathways Readers Have Spoken
Results from the 2020 Readers Survey
By Catherine Andrew


Winter 2020/2021 References

  • Contemporary concepts in lymphatic surgery
    A little old and a whole lot new
    By Dr. James Kennedy
  • Why is lymphedema so hard to diagnose?
    Let’s talk about lymphedema imaging technologies
    By Savannah Paetzel and Dr. Melissa Aldrich
  • Therapy for lymphedema
    Incorporating new clinical guidelines
    By Guenter Klose
  • Putting the “self” into self MLD
    Yoga basics enhance Manual Lymphatic Drainage self-management time
    By Lisa McKhann




Fall 2020 References

  • Lipedema – A new paradigm shift
    An interview with Dr. Tobias Bertsch 
  • Additional Reading: Lipoedema: a paradigm shift and consensus
  • Anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system
    By Kathleen Francis
  • LYMQOL: Measuring the effect of lymphedema on quality-of-life
    By Vaughan Keeley and Katie Riches


Summer 2020 References

  • What is the link between lymphedema and obesity?
    By Dr. Babak Mehrara and Dr. George Kokosis
  • Myths, mysteries, and the art of reviewing evidence
    By Dr. Rhian Noble-Jones
  • Obesity: The Canadian Perspective
    By David Keast


Spring 2020 References

  • An update on the genetics of primary lymphedema
    By: Dr. Kristina Gordon
  • A positive life is central to positive health
    An interview with Dr. Machteld Huber
  • Book review: The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide
    By Popi Kasvis and Marize Ibrahim


Winter 2019/2020 References

  • Dutch Best Practice Lymphedema Guidelines
    By: Dr. Robert Damstra
  • A New Paradigm for Diagnosis and Treatment of Edemas
    By: Heather Hettrick & Robyn Bjork




Fall 2019 References

  • Obesity’s Impact
    By: Paula Stewart
  • Health Economics
    By: Nicole Stout 
  • Prospective Surveillance
    By: Jill Binkley
  • Highlights from the 2019 ILF Conference in Chicago
    By: Anna Towers and Anna Kennedy
  • Scientific research developments
    By Pierre-Yves von der Weid


Summer 2019 References

  • Exercise and Physical Activity
    By: Kevin Repato and Margie McNeely
  • Lymphedema in gynecological cancer
    By: Shirin Shallwani 
  • Canada’s New Food Guide and Lymphedema
    By: Jean LaMantia
  • Ask the Expert: Risk Reduction 


Spring 2019 References

  • Innovations in diagnostics
    By: Mike Bernas
  • Aquatic exercise training and lymphedema 
    By: Andree Dionne
  • Self-care – A therapist’s thoughts
    By: Bonnie Lasinski
  • Unusual relations or a delicate balance?
    By: Neil Piller


Winter 2019 References

  • Technology and Lymphedema
  • By: Melanie Thomas

Additional Articles:

The meaning of Success in Lymphedema Management
By: Dorit Tidhar and Jane Armer (JoL Reprint)

The mystery is solved – A case study of delayed diagnosis and treatment
By: Julia Rodrick (NLN Reprint)




Fall 2018 References

  • Low level laser therapy for lymphedema
  • By: Sapphire Kroetsch BKin, Courtney Whitehead BScKin, and Margaret McNeely PT, PhD.
  • Lymphedema and related symptoms
  • By: Sheila H. Ridner, PhD, RN, FAAN


Summer 2018 References

  • The rise of the robots and AI – their impact on lymphedema diagnosis and treatment
  • By Neil Piller


Spring 2018 References

  • The lymphedema patient as director of care: The Dutch, patient-centred approach
    By Jose van Esch-Smeenge
  • Resilience: Learning to cope with lymphedema
    By Marc Hamel


Winter 2018 References




Fall 2017 References

  • Quality of life following surgical management of lymphedema
    By Dr. Alex Munnoch
  • The development of a new diagnostic tool: Elastography
    By Robert Kilgour, Hassan Rivaz and Dr. Anna Towers
  • Lipo-lymphedema: Working collaboratively to improve a patient’s life
    By Edith Mulhall and Wendy Leroux
  • Lymphedema Medication Brings Hope (Full Transcript)
    By Stanley Rockson


Summer 2017 References

  • Nutrition for lymphedema
    By Jean LaMantia
  • Resistance exercise with compression for women with lymphedema
    By Mona Onazi and Margaret McNeely
  • What’s different about head and neck lymphedema? 
    By Brad Smith 


Spring 2017 References

  • The rising prevalence of lymphedema in Canada
    By David Keast and Anna Towers
  • Exercise and lymphedema
    By Karin Johansson
  • Skin characteristics of lymphedema
    By Carol Armstrong
  • Parents raising children with primary lymphedema 
    By E. Radina, K. Kawamura, M. Martin, S. Rich, L. Clark, L. Ramsay and A. Oddo 


Winter 2017 References

  • Pediatric Lymphedema
    By Chantal Lapointe and Catherine McCuaig
  • Taking heart when your heart sinks
    By Jane Turner
  • Reimbursement Inequities
    By Anna Kennedy and Nicole Boulet
  • Transepidermal Water Loss
    By Terence Ryan




Fall 2016 References

  • Taking care of your lower limbs
    By Gurdish Sandhu
  • If you can breathe you can do yoga
    By Alexandra Fabbi


Summer 2016 References

  • Precautionary practices for lymphedema
    By Maria Asdourian et. al.


Spring 2016 References

  • Symptom reporting as a useful tool to detect lymphedema
    By Mei R. Fu


Winter 2016 References

  • Studying inflammation-induced lymphatic dysfunction to better understand lymphedema
    By Dr. Pierre-Yves von der Weid
  • Surgery for lymphedema treatment
    By Dr. Jay Granzow




Fall 2015 References

  • Making the case for safe and effective resistance exercise
    By Kristin Campbell
  • Infection and overlying skin changes in lymphedema
    By Arissa Sperou


Summer 2015 References

  • Technologies improve accuracy and reliability of lymphedema measurement
    By Margie McNeely
  • Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Lymphedema
    By Lori Radke


Spring 2015 References

  • Using Pneumatic Compression in lymphedema treatment
    By Karen Ashforth
  • Kinesio Taping and Lymphedema
    By Ruth Coopee

Surgical Treatment Options for Lymphedema (Expanded)

Forty Years of Devoted Research (Expanded)


Winter 2015 References

  • Head and Neck Lymphedema
    By Steve Norton
  • Nutrition Considerations in Lymphedema
    By Hillary Sachs




Fall 2014 References

  • Managing the Psychosocial Aspects of Lymphedema
    By Jane Durston


Summer 2014 References

  • Lower Limb Lymphedema after Gynecological Cancer Surgery: An Overview
    By Mei Fu, Kun Li and Jeanna Qui


Spring 2014 References

  • Understanding Cellulitis: A serious concern for lymphedema patients and those at risk
    By: Dr. Mieke Flour


Winter 2014 References

  • Lymphedema and Exercise
    By Dorit Tidhar & DeCourcy Squire




Fall 2013 References

  • The Story of Abreast in a Boat
    By Susan Harris
  • Dragon Boating vs. Lymphedema
    By Don McKenzie
  • Occupational Therapy – It’s all about hope
    By Tricia Morrison, in conjunction with Roanne Thomas and Ryan Hamilton


Summer 2013 References

  • Radiation Therapy and the Lymphatic System
    By Amy Baker, John Semple and Miles Johnston
  • Protect Your Quality of Life from Lymphedema
    By Elizabeth McMahon


Spring 2013 References

  • Recent Development in Axillary Lymph Node Management in Breast Cancer
    By Winkle Kwan
  • Because it Matters… Getting more physically active one step at a time
    By Margie McNeely


Winter 2013 References

  • The Contemporary Surgical Treatment of Lymphedema
    By Janice Cormier and Kate Cromwell
  • Writing Lymphedema Case Reports and Presentations
    By Anna Towers
  • A Model of a Lymphedema Self-Management Clinic
    By Pamela Hammond, Sylvia Crowhurst, Stephanie Phan, Aleksandra Chafranskaia and Pamela Catton




Fall 2012 References

  • Donning Aids for Compression Garments
    By Leda Raptis


Summer 2012 References

  • Compression Therapy: A position document on compression bandaging
    By Christine Moffatt and Deborah Glover
  • The Science of Compression
    By David Keast
  • Prescribing Compression Garments for Lymphostatic and Venous Edemas
    By Angela Vollmer
  • Lymphedema Never Sleeps
    By John Mulligan


Spring 2012 References

  • Early Shoulder Exercises for Reducing Complications After Breast Cancer Treatment
    By Dorit Tidhar

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