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We welcome and encourage readers to send us ideas for themes, topics, and authors that they would like to see featured in Pathways.

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Ask the Expert Doctors, therapists and other professionals in the field answer YOUR questions about lymphedema care.
Patient Perspectives Read about patients’ experiences with lymphedema, and how they’ve learned to cope with their condition.  You can submit via our web form (and view published patient stories) by following this link.
Did You Know? Updates on the latest research, treatment, and literature in the lymphedema community are shared with our readers.
Hints and Tips Tips on making your life with lymphedema a little bit easier.
Clinical Perspectives Editorials written by experts in the field, discussing advances in the field of lymphedema.  If you are a health professional, educator or researcher, we would like to hear from you.  Whether it’s a case study, research article or question regarding patient treatment – contact us to submit your ideas for the Editorial Board to consider. A link to download a copy of Contributor Guidelines can be found below.
Education Events Upcoming local, national, and international non-profit events related to education in the lymphedema community. Send us your own event for us to include in our calendar of events. Submit events here.

All academic articles submitted to Pathways must be evidence-based, incorporating recent literature reviews of the subject covered.  A minimum of three recent references should be included.  Additional references can be attached but may only be listed on the Pathways website, not in the publication itself.

Download our Contributor Guidelines and Checklist to help you with your submission.

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