The Canadian Lymphedema Framework, in collaboration with our Education Working Group, is pleased to offer a Health Professionals Toolkit to support your lymphedema clinical practice.

This toolkit is comprised of the following tools:

  • Lymphedema related case studies by fellow lymphedema professionals
  • PowerPoint slides and presentations to support your lymphedema education efforts
  • Selected lymphedema articles, such as research reviews
  • Selected video presentations by leading experts
  • Lymphedema patient photographs to enhance your presentations
  • Lymphedema assessment tools

Commitment to Further Development:

  • The CLF is committed to ensuring that the Toolkit is regularly updated with new resources as they become available
  • The CLF is collaborating with other International Lymphedema Frameworks to share educational information and resources
  • The CLF will ensure that feedback received about the Toolkit from health professionals is incorporated to support their clinical practice

The health professionals toolkit is available by subscription for a nominal fee of $10 which supports the continued development of clinical tools and resources.


If you are already a subscriber, access the HP toolkit below:

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