The following are frequently asked questions, with answers from lymphedema doctors, nurses and therapists, as featured in the ASK THE EXPERT column in CLF’s magazine, Pathways.

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What is the ‘Standard Treatment of Care’?

Approaching your doctor: Tips on discussing lymphedema with your health care providers

Compression bandaging: Treatment protocols for lymphedema management

Edema-causing medications

Education, Treatment, Protocol and Reimbursement

Fitting compression into your lifestyle

General questionscanstockphoto14337999

Managing pain and minimizing risks for lymphedema

Minimizing recurring infections: Special considerations for wound care

Positivity, self-confidence and self-esteem impacts one’s health and self-image

Experts answer questions from the 2015 National Lymphedema Conference

Experts answer questions from the 2017 National Lymphedema Conference

Risk reduction options – Venipuncture, blood pressure measurements and alert bracelets

Self Bandaging – a tool for taking charge

Self-consciousness and stress: What you can do about them

Summer living with lymphedema

Surgical treatments for lymphedema

Surgical Summary for the 2017 National Lymphedema Conference

To pump or not to pump

Where to find help: Community organizations are an excellent resource

Why doesn’t my doctor know about lymphedema?

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