Various and unique smartphone and tablet applications are emerging to help patients measure, monitor and manage their lymphedema. These mobile apps are available for free through the App Store.

Look4LE is a mobile app, by the American Lymphedema Framework Project, to help users find trained lymphedema therapists in their area, using a therapist’s name or their geographical location.  Therapists can opt-in to provide their contact information for the directory. Available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Lymphatrack provides a platform for users to take an active role in managing their lymphedema by helping to track their lymphedema home treatment program. This app allows patients to record key lymphedema symptoms and treatments that create graphs and charts to monitor progress over time. Messaging applications allow patients to share their progress with their medical practitioner, family or friends.

LymEx focuses on education, providing information organized into four key messages. 1. Skin care: how and why to care for skin and nails 2. Simple lymphatic drainage: arm, leg and head and neck massage sequences 3. Garment care: Tips for wear and care 4. Exercises: Reasons for exercises and examples of lymphatic circulation exercises. 

Stanford lymphedema is designed specifically for patents who are preparing for lymphedema surgery. Award winning, nationally recognized, Dr. Dung Nguyen of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Stanford, has created an all new experience to help patients get ready for their lymphedema surgery. Keeping track of upcoming tasks for the patient is a breeze.

Sitting workout is a simply guided workout features exercises for legs that will tone quads, hamstrings, glutes and abs, but at the same time claims to make you sweat and burn calories. Ideal for patients who have difficulty performing regular exercise due to mobility problems etc. as they can participate in this workout from a chair.

LymVol – Lymphedema Limb Volume Calculator has been specially designed and developed to help lymphedema professionals measure and calculate the limb volume of unilateral or bilateral limp lymphedema into a limb volume calculation. 

LymphaTech has received patent in the USA, Canada and Australia for its method of generating pre-fabricated compression garments. According to their website, this app provides fast, accurate and reliable 3D imaging and measurement to monitor the progression of geometric changes of limbs by detecting subtle changes in volume and circumference without the use of a tape measure.

VODDER MLD APP will help you find a therapist, find courses available online and in person products for purchase. It is a quick reference when you are traveling to easily find a Dr Vodder MLD therapist in the area. 

More info to come regarding apps for Professionals.

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