Chronic Edema Compression Solutions

Audience: Health Professionals*

Date: Thursday, April 29 at 7:00pm EDT

Description:  The Canadian Lymphedema Framework, in collaboration with Essity, invites health care professionals to participate in a webinar on chronic edema compression solutions. The presentation will provide education on the pathophysiology of venous disease and discuss the progression of venous edema to include lymphatic involvement. The importance of compression therapy and choosing the correct compression and product for chronic edema patients will be discussed in detail.

Presenter: Sophia White, OTA/PTA, CLT-LANA

Sophia found her passion with lymphatics over 10 years ago when she began working in custom fitting at the retail level. Since then, Sophia has expanded her knowledge by becoming a LANA Certified Lymphedema Therapist as well as well as annually continue her learning. Sophia has been employed as a National Clinical Advisor of Lymphology with Essity Canada for 5 years now and continues to share her passion with healthcare professionals, fitters and patients.  Her Role with Essity Canada allows her to advise and provide recommendations for complex lymphedema cases, educate, and ultimately be a resource for Canada.


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